About us

Closely connected to our native soil.

Elder made us take off

While still an agricultural apprentice, Christof Schenk planted his first elderberry trees on his parents’ farm in Ufhofen. With this, he laid the foundation stone for the Holderhof company over twenty years ago, which today produces syrups, sweet beverages or fruit juices at two locations (in autumn at three locations) with its over 70 employees. The vision was from the very beginning: The processing of own, high-quality, natural raw materials, if possible in organic quality, into special beverages without preservatives. And it has remained true to this principle until today.

With the launch and development of innovative beverages, Holderhof has become a renowned player in the Swiss beverage industry in recent years. Every year, it fills more than 50 million bottles of over one hundred beverage varieties with different recipes. Today, Holderhof beverages can be found on shelves all over Switzerland and abroad, from small farm shops to Swiss wholesalers and German supermarket chains. More and more customers appreciate our know-how and benefit from the modern bottling plants and have their beverages produced and bottled by Holderhof under their own brand.


  • 2022: New construction and commissioning of the fruit processing centre in Sulgen
  • 2022: New construction and commissioning of the company’s own herb drying facility in Ufhofen
  • 2020: Acquisition of the “Lacobi” brand in the areas of syrup, punch
  • 2019: Commissioning of second production hall in Henau
  • 2015: Start growing herbs on the farm in Ufhofen
  • 2012: Founding of Holderhof Produktions AG and commissioning of the filling plant in Henau SG
  • 2007: Swiss wholesaler lists Holderhof beverages for the first time
  • 2007: Conversion of the farm to organic farming
  • 2004: Foundation of Holderhof Produkte AG
  • 2000: First production of elderflower wine “Elderwood” as part of the diploma thesis for the completion of the agricultural apprenticeship.
  • 1997: Christof Schenk plants the first elderberry crops on the Holderhof in Ufhofen