Fruit Processing

It tastes best straight from the fruit.

Modern Fruit Processing Centre

In the modern fruit processing centre in Sulgen TG, we process up to 15,000 tonnes of Swiss cider apples into apple juice every year (from the 2022 harvest). The processed apples come from our own plantation and from regional fruit farms with long-term purchase contracts. At the reception, the harvested apples are tipped from the trailers into the silos. From there, they float in water to the sorting table, where apples of insufficient quality are immediately sorted out. The mash is produced in the mill, from which apple juice is pressed. The centrifuge separates sediments from the raw juice and the result is naturally cloudy apple juice. This is pasteurised and stored sterilely in 100 tanks of 100,000 litres each as direct juice without preservatives. The juice is continuously removed from the storage tanks for further processing in the production of our beverages or resold as industrial goods to third-party customers.

The fruit processing centre was planned from scratch, with optimised processing procedures and workflows in a modern plant landscape. This allows for efficient operation, where in the future, in addition to the main production of apple juice, other processed products such as apple puree or other semi-finished products will soon be produced.

Construction Progress


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Approach / Overview

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Approach / Overview