Directly and fresh from the field.

Elderberries, Herbs and Cider Apples from Holderhof

On Christof Schenk’s certified organic family farm in the hamlet of Ufhofen in Niederwil SG (municipality of Oberbüren) grows some of the raw materials for the beverages produced in the production facilities in Henau SG. There are around 1600 elderberry trees there, which provide the raw material for syrups, soft drinks and, in small quantities, for elderberry wine. Because the company’s own quantities are no longer sufficient, Holderhof Produkte AG purchases additional elderflowers from about a dozen contractually bound elderberry farmers between Lake Constance and Toggenburg.

Herbs such as mint, lemon balm, nettles or, in smaller quantities, thyme, vervain, mallow and sage grow on 12 hectares of land. After harvesting, they are transported within minutes to the drying facility housed in the former barn of the Holderhof. The drying process is carried out according to a specially developed method that allows for gentle, energy-efficient drying. The quantities harvested here cover most of the requirements for the ice tea and the other beverages we offer, all produced here in Henau.

The youngest is the cider apple orchard, which was established six years ago on about two hectares of cultivated land. These quantities cover a small part of the cider fruit processed into direct juice in Sulgen. Professional cider fruit farms with long-term purchase contracts ensure a full cider press in autumn. As with the elderberries and herbs, everything in agricultural production is geared towards cultivation that is as efficient as possible but still close to nature.