Elderberry plantations


Elder trees provide us with the raw materials we need for our products. The plantations are located between Lake Constance and the Toggenburg, where they are cultivated with lots of love by different farmers.

Plant care

Elder trees don’t need a lot of care. During summertime, the grass between the trees has to be cut as often as possible to keep the mice away. Elder’s largest enemies are the mice, because they love to feast on the juicy roots. If the grass is kept short, mice can’t hide anywhere and they don’t like that at all. In wintertime the trees get a regular pruning.


The main workload is during the harvest. The flowers or berries are all, time-consumingly, handpicked. Logistic is a big challenge during the harvest. The flowers have to be processed very quickly after harvesting, otherwise they begin to ferment.


The elder flowers are kept in a watery solution after harvesting and then pressed after a few hours. The elder berries are separated from the branches mechanically and the juice is heated to 65° C, to degrade the hydrocyanic acid, which has a laxative effect. After filtering, the elder juice is cooled down immediately and stored at zero degrees C. Only a few hours pass between harvesting and processing to high-quality elder extracts. Producing fresh and tasty, as well as natural, products is our passion!

Herbal, berry and fruit plantations

Our tasteful fruit syrups are produced with natural fruit juices of organic quality. The raw materials are mostly cultivated and harvested with a lot of manual work.

For our raw materials we produce natural herbs, berries and fruits in organic quality and cultivate them with a lot of Manual work.

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