Smoothies 250 ml

Smoothie Erdbeer-BananeSmoothie Mango-PassionsfruchtSmoothie BeerenSmothie Ananas-Banane

Our smoothie is a high quality mix of freshly harvested, pressed fruits juices and fruit pulp. On the contrary to a fruit juice, the smoothie contains the pulp of the whole fruit and herefore supplies you with important vitamins and nutrients. The product is slightly pasteurized and is produced in Switzerland.

Fruit juices 250 ml

Orangensaft 250 mlBlutorangensaft 250 mlMultivitaminsaft

Of course, our fruit juice is just as natural as the smoothies. The precise difference is in the consistency. Our orange juice is extremely mild and tastes like sun trenched fruits from clear nature. The juices consists of 100 % fruits. No sugar, no colorants and no preservatives added.

Fruit Juices 750 ml

Orangensaft 750 mlBlutorangensaft 750 mlMultivitaminsaft 750 ml

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